Beginning with the May, 2022 Primary election Spencer County will be a Vote Center County.

For the residents of the county, vote centers will mean that any Spencer County registered voter can vote at any of seven location sin the county.  An individual will no longer be required to vote in only their home precinct.  The Vote Center format will offer convenience to the voter as they will be able to cast their ballot at the location best suited to them on Election Day.  Those working outside the county, in different time zones, or working long hours will have the flexibility to vote at a location nearest them or the one that is most convenient to their daily schedule.  Procedures for voting absentee by mail, early in-person or through the traveling board will remain the same.

Spencer County Officials first discussed a move to Vote Centers in 2012.  In 2020 all levels of county government; Commissioners, Council and the Election Board, agreed in unanimous bi-partisan voting to move to Vote Centers but that plan was put on hold with the emergence of the Covid pandemic.

2022 Spencer County Vote Center Locations
  • Chrisney Youth & Community Center @ 1101 E. CR 800 N, Chrisney, Indiana.
  • Dale Community Center @ 103 N. Wallace Street, Dale, Indiana
  • Fulda Sportsman Club @ 11540 North Jackson Street, Fulda, Indiana
  • Grandview Civic Center @ 1301 Main Street, Grandview, Indiana
  • Luce Township Government Center @ 3934 North State Road 161, Richland, Indiana
  • Ohio Township Trustee Office @ 963 N. CR 275 W, Rockport, Indiana
  • Santa Claus Community Center @ 200 North Holiday Blvd, Santa Claus, Indiana.
However, the 2020 election was conducted at only seven locations serving as a preliminary model of the Vote Center plan.  The 2020 election saw the highest voter turnout in Spencer County since 1991 and served as a trial-run for Vote Centers, showing that the seven locations, in conjunction with early in-person, established in 2018 under the direction of them clerk Sara Arnold, was a viable working model.

Spencer County will be one of 57 Indiana counties that have instituted Vote Centers.  Among the nine counties making the move to vote centers within the past year, besides Spencer, are the other southwestern Indiana Counties of Dubois, Knox and Warrick.

If anyone has questions or would like further information about the 2022 election please call Voter Registration Officer Sandy Wilkinson at 812-649-6017 or contact Spencer County clerk Darrell Stephens at 812-649-6029.  Emails may be sent to spcoelections@psci.net.