Special Exception Permits

When to Apply for a Special Exception Permit

There are many uses that require a Special Exception Permit in certain zones. Please see the Schedule of Uses for a listing of allowed uses and uses that require a Special Exception Permit.

The following uses have additional conditions before a Special Exception Permit can be granted:

-Animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, animal boarding places, kennels, and animal shelters/rescues

-Antique shop

-Boarding and/or rooming house

-Day care facility or home

-Sanitary landfills and incinerators

-Hospital, nursing home, sanitarium, asylum or other institution which cares for mental, drug or alcoholic patients, or is a penal or correctional institution

-Limited office uses in residential zones as a transitional use

-Private recreational establishments and uses

-Special uses allied with agriculture

-Sand, gravel or clay pits; rock or stone quarries;coal mining; removal of earth or top soil; coal storage, loading and handling facilities


-Manufactured home parks

-Camp grounds

-Community unit projects

-Recreational vehicles for longer than 180 days

The filing fee for a Special Exception Permit is $100.00 and you will be required to appear at a public hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is just a very brief summary of the Special Exception section of the Zoning Ordinance. There may be additional restrictions and/or requirements that you will need to follow depending on your location and use. Please call me at (812)649-6010 or email me at spencerplan@psci.net for more specific information.