Requirements Once Construction Is Complete

Here are the requirements once construction (and all related land disturbing activity) has been completed:

  • The project site owner must remove all temporary erosion control fixtures.
  • The entire site must be permanently stabilized.
  • The project site owner must submit a notice of termination (NOT) letter to IDEM.
  • The owner of a site that has been divided into multiple building lots may submit a NOT letter even if all the sites have not yet been developed if:
    • The undeveloped area does not exceed 5 total acres, with no contiguous areas of 1 or more acres
    • All permanent storm water measures are in place
    • All common areas and infrastructure have been completed and stabilized
    • A map of all undeveloped lots and the names of their owners is submitted with the NOT letter. If such "early release" is approved by IDEM, the project site owner must notify each owner of undeveloped property and inform them of their storm water pollution prevention responsibilities.