County Recorder


if you receive a notice from a firm titled "Local Records Office" located in Indianapolis, be aware this is a for profit company not associated with the Spencer County Recorder's Office. They offer to obtain your property information (your deed) for $89, this information is available in the Recorder's Office for a much smaller fee of $1 a page. For more information call the recorders office at 812-649-6013.


The Recorder's office is responsible for recording all:

  • All court orders pertaining to property
  • Bonds
  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Other miscellaneous documents
  • Service discharges
  • Surveys
  • UCC's
  • Wills

Release of Mortgages

We also record all Releases of Mortgage from individuals,banks and other financial institutions. Our goal is to accurately and efficiently record our customers documents and return those documents the same day they are received in this office. For further information please call or email.


Cannot come in to the office to research property records? Need to access property records after hours or on weekends? The Spencer County Recorder's office offers two way for you to access these records from your home or office. Laredo is designed for users who constantly search in our county. Tapestry is for the occasional searcher.