General Information


To vote in Spencer County, you must be registered at the address where you currently live and have a valid photo identification. We strongly encourage you to contact the voter registration office if you have moved and are not sure if you have changed your voter registration address or where you vote. The office can be reached at 812-649-6017.


Beginning with the 2022 primary election Spencer County voters will be able to vote at any of seven locations within the county.  As a new Vote Center county in 2022 an individual's vote can be tabulated in a person's home precinct regardless of where your ballot is cast.  If you have questions about how this process works please feel free to call the Spencer County Voters Registration Office at 812-649-6017 or the Spencer County Clerk's Office at 812-649-6029.

Note: This provision only applies during a Municipal election if you moved within the same city or town.


The polls are open from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. local time on Election Day.  Early voting and absentee voting is covered in other areas of this website.

ADA Compliant 

All polling locations in Spencer County are HAVA compliant and are accessible to those with disabilities.


1.  Chrisney Youth & Community Center @ 1101 E. CR 800 N, Chrisney, Indiana

2.  Dale Community Center @ 103 N. Wallace Street, Dale, Indiana

3.  Fulda Sportsman Club @ 11540 North Jackson Street, Fulda, Indiana

4.  Grandview Civic Center @ 1301 Main Street, Grandview, Indiana

5.  Luce Township Government Center @ 3934 N State Road 161, Richland, Indiana

6.  Ohio Township Firestation (REO) @ 963 N. CR 275 W, Rockport, Indiana

7.  Santa Claus Community Center @ 200 North Holiday Blvd, Santa Claus, Indiana