General Information


To vote in Spencer County, you must be registered at the address where you currently live and have a valid photo identification. We strongly encourage you to contact the voter registration office if you have moved and are not sure if you have changed your voter registration address or where you vote. The office can be reached at 812-649-6017.


If you have moved within the county since the last election, you can still vote at your previous polling location one last time. Poll workers will give you a new voter registration form to fill out. If you fill the form out and leave it with the poll worker you will automatically be registered in your new precinct for the next election. You will receive a new voter registration acknowledgment card by mail after your form is processed in the voter registration office. This card will include your new address and the location of your new polling location.

Note: This provision only applies during a Municipal election if you moved within the same city or town.


The polls are open from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. local time.

HAVA Compliant & Disabilities

All polling locations in Spencer County are HAVA compliant and are accessible to those with disabilities.