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The goal of the Environmental Health Specialist is to investigate and mitigate environmental and public health issues concerning the land, air and water of Spencer County. To accomplish this, we must effectively incorporate the practices and procedures necessary to ensure that the federal, state, and local laws and ordinances concerning the environmental quality of Spencer County are met.

Onsite Sewage Disposal

Our onsite sewage disposal program follows a procedure using the size of the home and the site/soil profile information, to tailor onsite sewage disposal systems to each individual site. Permits, consultations and inspections are provided for new construction and replacement of onsite sewage disposal systems. Educating home owners on system operation has become a priority. Homeowners who are interested in the operations or location of their existing system should contact the Spencer County Health Department.

Environmental Hazards

Environmental hazard investigations are conducted by the Environmental Health Specialist for any condition that could impact the public health or environmental quality of Spencer County. Such conditions include water contamination and failed onsite sewage disposal systems. These investigations can be initiated from reports filed by citizens or local, state, or federal agencies. Corrective actions are initiated because of these investigations. Court actions may be a part of this process. Citizens with any environmental concern should contact the environmental health specialist. Reports may not be made anonymously.

Other Useful Telephone Numbers:

Indiana State Department of Health 1-800-382-9480

Indiana Department of Environmental Management 1-888-672-8323

Indiana Department of Natural Resources 1-317-232-4002

Spencer County Emergency Management Agency 1-812-649-6020

Region 5 US EPA 1-800-621-8431

Nuisance Wildlife Hotline 1-800-893-4116

Spencer County Soil and Water Conservation Group 1-812-649-9136 Ext. 3