Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

Spencer County EOC Activation Levels
State of Emergency Explanation
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Incident Types

Stephanie Melton, Director

200 Main Street Room 16
Spencer County Courthouse
Rockport, IN 47635

Phone: 812-649-6020
Fax: 812-649-6487
E-mail: ema@spencercounty.in.gov@spencercounty.in.gov


EMA-1 Director Stephanie Melton
EMA-2 Deputy Director Al Perdue
EMA-3 Deputy Director LaVerl Uhde
EMA-4 Deputy Director Murray Stout
EMA-5 Deputy Director Pete Crasher
EMA-7 Water Rescue Coordinator Heath Therber
EMA-2 Hazardous Materials Coordinator Al Perdue
EMA-9 Search And Rescue Coordinator Mike Yeager
EMA-10 Law Enforcement Jim McDurmon
EMA-11 Fire & Rescue Coordinator Max Meyer
EMA-12 Medical Officer Jane Stout
EMA-13 Environmental Coordinator Vacant
EMA-14 Public Works Coordinator Chuck Painter
EMA-15 Damage Assessment Coordinator Dan Rininger
EMA-16 Resource Management Coordinator Vacant
EMA-17 Shelter/Mass Care Coordinator
EMA-18 Warning/Notification Coordinator Katie Richard
EMA-19 Public Information Officer Jim Anderson
EMA-20 Agricultural Coordinator Phil Schmidt
EMA-21 Evacuation Coordinator Vacant
EMA-22 Administrative Assistant Cassie Parker
EMA-23 Public Health Coordinator Kim Hay
EMA-24 County Engineer Vacant
EMA-25 Chaplain Rev. Bob Duley
EMA-26 Debris Management Coordinator Debbie Steinkamp
EMA-27 Radiological Defense Officer Vacant
EMA-28 Purdue Extension Service Nick Held