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Affiliate Members

The current list of Affiliate members can be found at http://spencerswcd.org/affiliates.html

Affiliate Memberships

Each year, the Spencer County Soil & Water Conservation District asks for local businesses’ support in promoting the conservation of Spencer County’s soil & water resources by becoming an Affiliate Member of the District. The Spencer County SWCD spends the money donated to the district by educating the general public, promoting conservation practices and is one of the vehicles in which cost share dollars are brought into our county.

The Spencer County Soil & Water Conservation District operations are financed by County and State appropriations, by money earned by the district and by contributions from private sources such as yourself. As the demand for tax moneys increase and county and state appropriations become more difficult to obtain, contributions from private sources become more important in our work to strengthen local self-government in conservation.

The Spencer County Soil and Water Conservation District invites you to lend your influence to the highly important task of conserving Spencer County’s soil and water resources. Like all government agencies, we are in a financial crunch. In past years we have asked for a membership donation of $15.00 or more. We will welcome any and all contributions. All contributions are tax-deductible. The outcome, we believe, will be mutually beneficial.


Spencer County Soil & Water Conservation District
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